Beginner Information & Vape-FAQ

Shake & Vape
What are e-cigarettes? What's vaping?
Why does the media constantly report on dangers?
What are liquids?
Who can profit from the e-cigarette?
Hardware: The devices
Software: The Liquid
I want to quit smoking. Are e-cigarettes suitable for that?
Which e-cigarette is the right one for me?
Is vaping healthy?
Are liquids poisonous?
Which nicotine level would you recommend?
Is vaping cheaper than smoking tobacco?
How long a bottle of liquid will last me?
How long will a battery last?
How long will an atomizer head will last?
Why there are different resistance values for atomizer heads?
I don't feel well since I vape - why is that?
Are the devices compatible?
My E-Cig is leaking, what can I do?
My E-Cig tastes burned. What can I do?
Temperature controlled vaping? What's that?
Important abbreviations. MTL? DL? VPG?
Where can i get more detailled infos on vaping?