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why cant i buy 50ml Liquids anymore?
The Age verification doesn't work. What can i do?
Where can I see, if the Welcome-Discount was granted?
Loyality Discount? When and how can I get it?
My order has not arrived yet
Where can I find the delivery's Tracking-ID?
The payment went wrong / I selected the wrong payment method
I made a mistake in the order / forgot something. Can you modify the order or do I have to place a new order?
Can I pick up the order locally? Do you have a shop?
I transferred money a long time ago, nothing happened since then.
An ordered item is missing / is the wrong one
An ordered item doesn't work (anymore)
I didn't receive a shipment note / where shall I transfer the money to?
Do you also ship to DHL Packing Stations?
Do you offer cash on delivery or credit card payment? / Can I send the bank slip for faster processing?
The liquids differ in colour or taste different than expected
What's the difference between VG liquids and the regular ones?
My favourite liquid doesn't taste like in the early days, did you alter the recipe?
Is it possible to buy the pure flavours / aroma from you?
I have further questions about vaping and vaping devices.

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