Infos about our liquids PG/VG

Surmount - Supreme Liquids is the home brand of Surmount.

Surmount Liquids are exclusivley produced by Surmount.
The production of the liquids is being executed in the company's own laboratory in Leipzig/Germany.
Only high quality products of well-known producers, who's products follow strict EU-Regulations and tests for human tolerance and security, are being processed.

  • Ingredients VPG ("regular") Liquids
    Base: 50% Propylen Glycol, 40% Glycerin, 10% demineralised water
    Flavouring: food flavouring, Tobacco extract (only in Tobacco liquid "Old Tobi")
    Nicotine: 0% in 'Non', 0.3 in 'Sub', 0.6% in 'Low', 1.2% in 'Medium'.

  • Ingredients VG Liquids
    Base: 85% Glycerin, 15% demineralised water
    Flavouring: food flavouring, Tobacco extract (only in Tobacco liquid "Old Tobi")
    Nicotine: 0% in 'Non', 0.3 in 'Sub', 0.6% in 'Low', 1.2% in 'Medium'.

Further ingredients, like flavour enhancer, colouring, sweetener or substances for medical enrichment (vitamines and other) are not used explicitly. This practice is not being supported or endorsed by Surmount.


Our soft PE Bottles come with a transparent label including ingredients table, warnings, child proof cap and a thin dropper for perfect filling of tanks and cartridges. Our PE (Poly Ethylen) bottles do not contain softeners.

Surmount liquids can show difference in color. This is a indication of steeping of a fresh  batch and not harmful at all.
All liquids can be vaped directly after receiving them. If you like, you can wait for steeping, but this is generally not nessessary and a matter of taste. Liquids are good for up to two years, it's enough to store them cool and dark. But we recommend to consume them by time, since liquids that are being stored for too long, loose taste. Bigger supply of liquid can also be kept cool in a fridge.
Cleaning of devices and tanks is super-easy: use clear water. Liquids are water-soluble. If liquid is dripping in places, you don't want to have it, it will be enough to wipe it with a wet towel.

Notes about VG Liquids

We have been asked frequently to offer some of our liquids in a VG option, based on pure Glycerine and water, without PG (Propylen Glycol).
We gladly follow those enquiries. Because most of the requests base on the fact, that some vapers suffer an allergy to PG. This is rare, but we want to offer a satisfying vaping experience to those customers too.

So, are the VG Liquids the best liquid for all?
No. The PG-freedom is being bought with some disadvantages, especially taste-wise. For that, it is important to know, that PG is by far the better taste carrier. Glycerin usually only produces more vapor from a e-cigarette. In our liquids with standard base (VPG), we created a perfect combination of both substances in favour of taste and flavour.

Pure Glycerin alters the taste experience, flavours ripe differently in this base. The taste in VG is mostly more dull and with less nuances. We took our time to create recepies for the VG liquids, but they will not taste the same as the same flavour in VPG base.

For the very sensible, we note, that even the VG liquids are not 100% free of PG, since most food flavours are PG-based and are contained to some small percentage in each and every liquid.