Never send back defective parts uncalled or without previous contact by e-ail or contact form to make use of the guarantee or withdrawal policy!
Please direct the email with the complaint to: or contact us by the contact form.

1. Guarantee periods

We grant different guarantee periods for products from our product range, independent of the manufacturer guarantee.

No return of unsealed or used hygiene articles by guarantee or revocation (by § 312g Absatz 2 Nr. 3 BGB -> LINK). 
This concerns the following products:
- Liquids
- Atomizer tanks
- Atomizer heads
- Drip tips
- Hybrid devices (e.g. Joyetech eGo AIO)

Following guarantee periods are valid for our products:

7 days guaranteed return of sealed and unused products
- Liquids, in case Liquid container is damaged or leaking by the time of delivery

6 months guaranteed return of sealed articles, except self-imposed damage, wearoff, wastage, loss of capacity and modification
- Atomizer heads

6 months guaranteed return of used articles, except self-imposed damage, wearoff, wastage, loss of capacity and modification
- Starter kits, except Hybrid devices (e.g. Joyetech eGo AIO)
- battery mods
- batteries
- Accessories

2. Procedure to grant guarantee

To make a revocation about a defective product, please send an e-mail with the following information prior to the physical return of the product:
- Notice of claim of the guarantee policy and purpose of the revocation
- Order number of the delivery of the article in question (find it in the order and delivery confirmation or the customer account)
- Name of the article in question
- a detailled defect description of the article in question

The e-mail with the revocation is to be directed to:

If our customer support accepts or initiates a return of the article, please send back the articles as parcel with insurance to our business adress.
Berliner Str. 1
04105 Leipzig

In case of a revocation, the buyer is committed to send back the articles in the original packaging as well as a detailled defective description and the order number.
After we received your return, you will be notified about further steps by our customer support.

3. Porto costs for revocations

The porto costs for the revocation are chargable to the sender. Surmount Supreme Liquid is free to offer a refund the porto costs to the customers webshop account. The porto costs for eventual replacement deliveries is to be carried by Surmount Supreme Liquid.


4. Extinction of the guarantee

The buyer is committed to report obvious defects immediatly by letter or e-mail 14 days after the delivery at the latest. After this period has exceeded, guarantee claims about obvious defects are foreclosed. All guarantee claims exceed if essential maintenance advice by Surmount Supreme Liquid is not complied with, modifications are made, parts changed or consumables being used which don't match the original specifications.

In the following cases the guarantee policy exceeds:
- wearoff, wastage, loss of capacity and modification
- damage, which result from inappropriate use
- with operation of batteries on power supply devices of other manufacturers
- in case a manufacturer or supplier cannot support Surmount Supreme Liquid with the guarantee anymore, e.g. in case of bankruptcy