Age Check

Dear Surmount customers

since 01.04.2016 we are legally bound to ensure, that our e-Cigarettes and liquids are sold and handed over solely to persons of legal age (18+). As much as we welcome youth protection, it is connected with additional costs and effort for you and us.

1. Age Verification before ordering (one time only!)

All products in our shop are declared as "18+". You can shop normally, but your age will be varified via a Schufa Q-Bit Check between your ordering process.
if this check fails, you still can verify your age by your ID-Card number.

Both possible verifications are being performed "live". This means, that you can directly submit your order after that.

The age verification is necessary only one time! You don't need to perform that age verification for future orders..


2. Visual Age Verification at the delivery

We are also bound legally to prevent hand-over of the ordered good to minors. Because of that, the DHL postman will perform a visual age check at hand-over!
This means:
  • the delivery will be handed over personally to a person of legal age at the delivery adress
  • a delivery to a DHL packing station or a hand-over to a neighbor is NOT possible!
  • alternative delivery adresses (to company/bureau, relatives or neighbors) are still possible to submit. It doesn't require you to pick it up personally, but it is important, that a person of legal age can receive the delivery at the delivery adress.
  • if nobody is at home at the delivery adress, the delivery will be taken to a nearby post office and stored for a maximum of seven days
  • the delivery will not be handed over to underage persons!

3. Further information / questions

  • Whats the Schufa Q-Bit Check?
    You agree, that your personal data is sent to SCHUFA (SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, 65201 Wiesbaden) for purpose of an identity verification. SCHUFA will then verify complience with your personal data at their servers and sends back a value of percentage to the Surmount shop. Surmount will then check by that value, if a person is registered at SCHUFA. There's no further data exchange whatsoever. There's no storage of the data on SCHUFA servers. By legal purpose of proof only the fact, that a comparison with SCHUFA happend, is being stored.

    A credit assessment IS NOT taking place! The Q-Bit Check has no effect on your scoring!

    Find further information at
  • The age verification doesn't work. What can i do?
    the advantage of the "direct verification" is, that you can submit your order immediatly. If neither the SCHUFA Q-Bit check nor the ID-card number verification was working for you, you can also send a copy of your ID-card (or other valid document) to Surmount.

    Therefore, scan or photograph the valid ID-card/passport/driver's licence. If you want, you can black out all information, that is NOT needed by us. This is what must remain readable:
    - your first and last name
    - your date of birth
    - your adress

    Verification by Shop-Upload:
    --> Age Verification

    Verification by mail
    Please Mail your ID to
    Please register in our shop, since we can only unlock your customer account if it present in our database.

    As soon, as we unlocked you (during office hours this is done within minutes), you will receive an e-mail about the switch of customer category and you can order normally...then and in the future.

    After unlocking your account, the scan of your document will be deleted permanently and immediatly.
  • for customers from abroad 
    The "live" age verification is only aviable for German Customers. Customers out of Germany find more informations and can verify here:
    --> Age Verification
  • What happens after the age verification?
    You will be unlocked for a purchase immediatly and can submit your order directly.
    The age verification is only necessary once and you can order without a following age verification in the future. The age verification is complete, your delivery will be send with DHL and visual age check.

    Some time after your first order with age verification, you will also receive an official mail about your customer status from us.