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In the name of progress and the ohm...
In the name of progress and the ohm and holy performance, Wismec is driving the e-cigarette industry forward. Founded in 2015 as a daughter company of Joyetech, the meanwhile stand-alone company mixes up the market with high-performance products in an extraordinary design. The characteristic shapes typical of Wismec are developed in the USA, where chief designer JayBo and his team do an excellent job. Their greatest stroke of genius was probably the Reuleaux box series, which offers impressive performance and defeats even the hungriest atomizer. Compared to similarly powerful mods from other manufacturers, the power packs lie remarkably well in the hand. High-quality, robust and technologically up to date, Wismec's products appeal primarily to experienced vapers who are looking for a reliable device and enjoy innovative technology as well as distinctive design.